Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Publisher's Weekly Review!

I'm being completely freaking serious when I say that one of the craziest thing to happen to me, especially lately, is to get a book reviewed in Publisher's Weekly. Not just a book, but an M/M Superhero book that's technically the third in the series. Just...wow. Riptide, you are amazing, and Amelia, you're the most amazing, so...thank you!

And also, thank you to everybody who read the first two, because without you I wouldn't have written a third one. I'm so happy, and you're such a big part of the reason why.

I'm just attaching the whole thing, because I'm still all *heart eyes* over it :)

"Z’s third novel set in the beautiful but dysfunctional city of Panopolis, where superheroes and their daily affairs are a frequent threat to civilization, is sexy, emotional, and hilarious. Craig Haney, aka superhero Freight Train, feels like a regular guy doing an endless job. Though he lives to protect his beloved city, he is hopelessly isolated within the force field that’s his primary superpower. He knows he can’t trust his sponsor, GenCorp, but he can’t help falling for their newest star scientist, Dr. Ari Mansourian. Beset by irrational villains and dangerously vain heroes, and given one last shot at love and freedom, Craig has to at last become the hero to himself that he has always been for everyone else. Z keeps the action rolling at a breakneck pace, with sharp turns from bold humor to heartbreaking tragedy and self-sacrifice. The satisfying and exciting conclusion is tender and a just reward for both the hero and the reader." (May)


  1. Congratulations, Cari!! This is awesome. I'm so glad your writing is getting some much deserved attention. My library uses Publisher's Weekly to select new books so I'll be pointing them in your direction.

    1. Thank so much, Lynette! I appreciate the nudge :)