Friday, March 4, 2016

Best Laid Plans...

So, hey!

One or two blog posts ago there was a list of all this stuff I was going to do, get done, post here, be prolific with...yeah. About that.

One illness turned into a different illness that's left me wishing I could just do without my lungs for a while, and I'm traveling tomorrow to visit family and won't be back home until Monday. So the new blog story, in all likelihood, won't be really started until the week after next. Sorry!

I'm trying to revise my almost-subbed-to-Samhain story for another press, trying to proofread something else and trying to keep my eyes from crossing with fatigue at the same time.

I owe three people books, and they're coming, darlins. I haven't forgotten you.

I'm getting things done, just much more slowly than I'm used to. Hopefully in another few days I'll be perky again. <3 p="">

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