Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Release: Shadows and Light

Soooo...I've got a new release out this week!

Shadows and Light is here at last! It's my epic fantasy/BDSM/mm romance/magical thriller (all of that happens, I swear) and so far, people seem to like it. I don't normally share reviews but I've got some really good ones, so lemme give you some highlights:

From Joyfully JayHonestly, I am not sure where to begin this review—so, so much happened in Cari Z.’s novel, Shadows & Light. It was, simply put, absolutely stunning. Gorgeous world building, fresh and unusual paranormal characters, a delicious enemies to lovers trope that played out in such a searing and passionate way and, finally, a plot full of shocking twists and turns that kept me glued to my e-reader till the final page —all these combined to make this book one I couldn’t put down.

And from Prism Book AllianceFor a short book it’s packed with action and romance, from the first pages where Rafael works for the dastardly Daeva, a proper bad guy, to the end. And because of this I was worried that the characters would lack depth, but that wasn’t the case, I was emotionally invested all the way through.

As a general rule I don’t read a lot of books that involve pain as pleasure, unless I really trust the author, as it’s not my thing – but here Cari Z captured the balance so well.
Yay for being off to a lovely start :) If you're interested in reading for yourself, you can find this story here:

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  1. Congrats on the release! This is now on my Kindle app! Woot!