Sunday, October 27, 2013

Superstition 2013 Party

So somehow I managed to wrangle an invitation to a posh Halloween party this year.  A friend of mine from high school is our local congressman's partner, he and I reconnected and one thing led to another and my man and I ended up spending all of Saturday getting ready for the shindig, which was last night.  A chartered bus took us out to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, which was filled with creepy mannequin tableaus and freaky projections and holograms, free booze, and vegan catering.  Yeah, vegan, because this is Boulder, people.

It was pretty fun.  The best part was putting our costumes together, really.  I mean, yeah, dancing, drinking, costume contest (my man got 2nd place and I feel he was robbed) are all good, but we worked hard on our outfits and enjoyed having the chance to display them unabashedly.

The theme for the party was superstitions.  I'm dressed up for the Day of the Dead and he is...a voodoo doll!  Complete with pins through the heart, and you have no idea how long we searched for just the right thing in the hardware store to stick the aluminum rods into that wouldn't be too bulky.  Hours.  Hooouuuurs.  He was on cloud 9, I was so bored.  The things we do for love.  Ah well, moving on.

People loved the makeup, I got compliments on it all night, which--hah--I didn't even do, I left that to my man!  So talented.  PS, I have short blonde hair underneath the brunette look.  Even the guy who invited me didn't recognize me.

The guy on the right in this picture is the winner of the costume contest.  Fabulous, isn't he?  It was so much fun.  I love dressing up.  Next con that comes around, I'm going to cosplay the shit out of it.

So that was last night.  Good times!  Share your costumes with me, I'd love to see what other people are getting into this Halloween!  I'll probably resurrect this one on the actual holiday if we decide to go out, since we won't get trick or treaters up where we live.  And tonight, a haunted house.  Maybe two.  I love Halloween so much:)

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  1. Do you have corn mazes in your area? Going to the corn maze is popular in my area at this time of year. I went to a haunted corn maze once and almost wet my pants. Imagine me, trying to navigate a large corn maze in the dark when costumed serial killers with fake (I think) chainsaws jumped out at me. EEEK! I don't do well with haunted anything. I'm a scaredy cat. lol