Friday, October 11, 2013

Friends, Family and Forgotten Menagerie

My oldest friend is visiting this weekend.  She's the kind of girl my parents used to hope I would become: she has a graduate degree in biomedical engineering, she's a manager/engineer for a huge medical devices company, she makes a great salary and lives in a gorgeous home in Boston and has her professional life totally together.  In many ways she's one of the most amazing people of my acquaintance, and I adore her, so my evening is set to be good.

More exciting news: I found out last weekend that my little sister is engaged!  Her boyfriend (a doctor in the Air Force) asked her while in Germany, at Heidelberg Castle, on bended knee.  Thanks, Joey, for setting the bar waaay up there.  Thank God I'm already married.  While I had the tiny, outdoor, mostly free wedding of my dreams, my sis is a little more traditional, which means that she's not going to accept my father's bribe money to elope and save him the hassle.  Poor man.  She's the last of us kids to get hitched, so we're all ready to make a big, excessive deal out of it:)

Last thing: a week from today Storm Moon Press' Forgotten Menagerie anthology comes out.  These are atypical shifter stories.  Mine, Dangerous Territory, takes place in a re-imagined America in the mid-1800s, the Wild West era.  Yes, my first western!  I posted an excerpt you can find here.

I think that's it...I've got Love Letters to do, my unnamed fantasy novel to continue to work on and my lesbian paranormal coauthored novel (yes, this is me branching way, way out) to finish as quickly as possible, so it promises to be a busy weekend.  I hope yours is as good as mine (better, let's shoot for better!)

Happy Friday, darlins.

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