Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don Jon

Last night (after a romantic tire-changing interlude on the side of the road) my man and I went to see Don Jon.

It was hilarious, and raunchy--I don't use the term loosely, and this was raunchy--and had some interesting insights into popular culture, sex, porn and relationships.  Plus it starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who apart from being a visual feast also wrote and directed the movie.  Then it had my girl-crush Scarlett, who was cast in a not-exactly-sympathetic but certainly understandable role, and the cherry on top was Julianne Moore.  See it for her if you're not going to see it for anyone else, her role is less central but provides a very satisfying amount of catharsis.

Apart from the strength and chemistry between the characters, I also liked this movie because it didn't take the easy road out.  The thing you expect to happen, given the rom-com background of the movie, doesn't happen.  In the end a few things have changed and a lot haven't, but you're certainly invested in the character of Jon, which is an impressive feat considering what a complete asshole he is much of the time.  I didn't expect to like the plot as much as I did.

And the series of Sunday confessions are awesome.  It makes me want to go and I'm not even Catholic, just to see what my sins would net me.


  1. I was wondering if this movie was going to be any good. I wasn't sure if I should drag my man with me or not. I might have to check it out on my own at some point :-)

    1. My man laughed more than I did. I think you've got to be in the right mood for this movie, but I really did enjoy it.