Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Soothsayer Ch. 6, Pt. 1

Notes: Oh my gosh, this one was so much fun to write! We're getting in deep now. I also have pictured for you, this time of Roger and Phin. I love Tumblr, I find the best artists there. Next week, Tuesday comes right after I get back from a trip to Chicago celebrating my sister's bachelorette party, so while I think I'll have something for you, I can't absolutely guarantee it yet. Anyway. On with the show!

Title: Soothsayer, Chapter 6, Part 1.


“Death is the only thing that could have ever kept him from you.” – Ally Carter, Out of Sight, Out of Time

                There was a body on the bed. It didn’t move, not even the barest rise and fall to indicate breathing. The head was turned to look my way, eyes open and sightless, pupils tiny and fixed. There was a dead body on the bed, and I recognized it. It took me a few seconds of deep breathing and biting my lip so hard that I drew blood before I could acknowledge that yes, the body was Sören’s. I forced myself to step closer and take another look.

Yeah, it was Sören…but dead might have been an overstatement.


  1. *cue dramatic music* WHOA!

    Awesome and intriguing and EXCITING stuff!! This is getting SO good :-)

    Keep it coming, Cari!

    P.S.-Love the art!

    1. Yay excitement! Never fear, my darling, there is more such on the way.

      PS--thank you! I love it too, I've got more coming soon.

  2. Damn, girl, you weren't kidding about getting into the meat of things! Nice!
    Poor Soren...i hope they can release him from whatever is happening to him. I cant even guess which way you're gonna go with this. :)

    1. Hi Scottie!

      Excellent, I'm keeping you guessing. Honestly I'm sort of keeping me guessing at this point, but I'm thinking not too many people are going to see my exact twist, not even the Reader Who Guesses Everything Right (I have one of those, it's amazing).

  3. Hi, Cari
    Very nice pictures, I love it.
    The story is more and more interesting and really amazing.
    Thanks you for always surprise us.

    1. Hi hon!

      Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm going for surprising this time around, so I feel good that it's working so far ;)

  4. This was sooOOOOO exciting! You write some good action, girlie :D

    Okay, I think I might have a thought about how this might work out, but I'm the one who never gets it right, so....

    I love the artwork up above. They're exactly how I picture 'em. Is the artist anyone we know?

    I hope you have a blast in Chicago. Don't tear the place up too much though :)