Published Works

These are the publishers who have bought my work, the titles of the stories and a list of however many I have with them.  There aren't specific links to my books yet, but at least I can point you in the publisher's direction.  List of stories:

Circlet Press: The Awakening in the anthology Like Crimson Droplets, a m/m urban fantasy short story.

Cleis Press:  Not In Kansas Anymore in the anthology Where The Girls Are, a  f/f contemporary short story and To Thine Own Self in Boy Crazy, a m/m contemporary short story.  *And COMING SOON from Cleis Press, Table Topped in the anthology I Like To Watch.
Torquere Press: Christmas Presence in the anthology Down The Chimney, a m/f/m menage short story.  State of Mine in the anthology Mine, a m/m urban fantasy short story.

Phaze Publishers: the Roar Heatsheet Strangely Familiar, a m/f  urban fantasy novella. And COMING SOON, Nothing Ventured in the anthology Silver Wings, a m/m steampunk novella.

Queered Fiction: New Beginnings in the anthology Queer Wolf, a m/m urban fantasy short story.

Pink Petal Books: Spirited, a m/f urban fantasy novella, and Treasured, a m/m urban fantasy novella set in the same world.

Dreamspinner Press: Wanting More in the anthology Sindustry 2, a m/m contemporary short story, and just released Revolving Realities in the anthology Making Contact, a m/m science fiction short story. My latest is The Wild Hunt in the anthology Myths and Magic: Legends of Love.
Oysters and Chocolate website: The Perfect Prey, a runner-up in their Halloween short story contest in 2009, m/f urban fantasy.  I can't find the link to my story right now, though.  I'll probably just post it here eventually.

*I can now add Total E-Bound to my list of publishers!  I have a longer m/m urban fantasy novella, Surviving The Change, which comes out in January 2011.  I just got to see the cover.  Sooo hot.  I'll share soon.

Remember the free stuff:

Yes, I'm a publishing slut.  What can I say, I love anthologies!  Calls for submission really make me think.  When I get something more substantial together I may settle down, but for now I like to sample.