Sunday, August 22, 2010

Haven't evolved to walking yet, much less leaping

Yes.  I know.

I continue to be slow on this blog.  Bear with me.  I'll get more links up today, and I just got accepted to a few more anthologies, so it's not like I don't have good news to be passing on.  To those who may be interested in participating, let me be clear:  I accept constructive criticism, suggestions for the blog, offers of assistance and all sorts of friendly overtures.  This is my first real essay into blogdom and I know there are a zillion people out there with more experience.  You can email me at if you don't feel like commenting here.

Of course I don't accept nastiness, vindictive flames and/or juvenile jokes (unless they're really, really funny) so please spare me those.  I'd love to hear from you otherwise.  It feels like a big, empty place and will continue to until I work my way into the community,!  Tyvm.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pretty, huh.

Is this not gorgeous?

This is the cover from the Dreamspinner Press m/m sci fi anthology Making Contact, which came out earlier this week.  My story, one of ten total, is titled Revolving Realities.  Here, have a blurb:

Revolving Realities

By Cari Z.

Dr. Eliot Hollister is desperate to locate the Ulysses and her crew before tragedy strikes… again. The lone survivor of a hostile attack compounded by human error, Eliot is using an alien artifact to search through alternate realities, trying to change the outcome in a parallel dimension. Eliot’s challenge once he finds the ship? Convince Captain Paul Alvarez he’s for real before the Ulysses falls prey to the same trap.

Sounds exciting, yeah?  I'm thrilled to be publishing with Dreamspinner again.  This is my second anthology with them and the other contributions are fantastic, so if you're looking to sample this is definitely the place.  Check them out at  There's a link direct to this athology on my Just Released page.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crawling towards multimedia...

And so, finally, I've bitten the bullet, bought internet time out the nose and am constructing a blog.  It promises to be a long and occasionally painful procedure, but it must be done.

Not that I haven't wanted to reach out, but it's really not easy in my current locale.  That was a very convenient excuse for over a year, but I can't jusitfy it any longer.  My long-suffering publishers and the people who like to read my work deserve a place to go where they can just find info on my writing without having to search a dozen different websites.

I have a lot of links to get together, websites to mention, stories to promote...but let's start with the free stuff.  What's not to love about free stuff?  Free stories, especially.  Mine can be found on if you search authors for Carizabeth.  Yes, I have many pseudonyms.  That's the one you get free stuff under, for the time being at least.  Please keep in mind that a lot of that, especially the earlier stuff, was posted without benefit of betas or editing (because I am an, really), and therefore you will find many mistakes, particularly grammatical.  All I can do is rail at myself silently and ask that you not hold it against me.

This will be a labor of love, and time, and patience and some more time, and lots of cfa and then some time.  But I'll persevere.  Hang in there with me.