Friday, July 12, 2013

New Release and Recent Good Times!

First things first, Episode 5 of my serial story Cambion is available now!

You can find the story here: Cambion: Dark Around The Edges.

Episode Five is titled Possession and follows up on Devon's...well, here, let me just give you the blurb: 

With the demon Cressidus in the wind with Devon in tow, Rio and Steven are left with only the dying Porter Grey as their only link to their whereabouts. And time is quickly running out, as Cressidus is putting his final pieces on the board, leaving Devon in a fight for his life.

 This is the next to last episode, folks.  The story should conclude (for a given value of conclude, I'll wrap up most of the loose ends but I do have a follow-up in the works) in August.  I've loved writing it, I love the characters...I'm just full of love.  BTW, people who subscribed get an extra story with the last episode as well as some custom artwork, so.  There's my pitch.

Okay, next.  Total E-Bound is doing a promotion for their summer collections today,including Titania's Court, of which my latest story Summer's Child is a part.  Go and check them out, you could win free ebooks! Here's the link: Titania's Court.

Now the good times!  I got to meet Kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid urban fantasy series, when he came through Denver signing books and generally being awesome.  My man and I brought him beer.  It's a thing...anyway, read the books if you have any interest in urban fantasy, he's one of the few authors to front a male main character and the books are hilarious.  And there's a talking dog.  :)  He's here:

Last thing, I swear!  I'm going to spend all weekend in a full contact self defense seminar, yay!  Twelve hours a day of large men in even larger body armor provoking adrenal responses in me and then learning to respond appropriately while in an adrenalized state!  Should be fun.  I hope all of you have an equally enjoyable weekend.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hooray for a weekend spent roughing up bunch of men! Bonus points if one of them is your husband :-)

    Take some pain killers with you, dear. There will be pain in your future. Not for you...for the men ;-)

    1. I had an amazing time, darlin! I got the "biggest badass" award out of a group of fifty, which is pretty damn cool:)

    2. Way to kick ass! I am completely unsurprised by your badassery :-)