Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Come on, Colorado, you had one job: be ready for planting after Mother's Day!

I was sitting down writing last night--writing Mutable--when my husband looked out into the darkness and said, "Fuck, it's snowing."

What's the big deal, eh? What's a little snow in May, especially in Colorado?

The big deal is we just spent this entire last weekend putting seedlings in the ground. Vegetables, fruits, flowers, plus plants to go in our xeric garden as well. It's the result of months of growing along the windows in our dining room, or plants that we paid for as part of a xeric push our county is doing to lower water usage. All getting snowed on.

Cue swearing, reaching for shoes and jackets and plastic trash bags, running outside into the snow and trying to protect our wee baby plants. I returned cold, grumpy, and wet. I haven't finished the chapter yet. I might today. I'll try. If not, I'll post by tomorrow or Thursday--no more week-long waits this late in the game. But fuuuuuuck.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Cari. I saw the news report yesterday about the late snowfall in other states and was in shock. I hope your plants pull through.