Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Release: Tempest

Oh my gosh, Tempest is here at last!

I'm so, so excited about this book. It's my longest one to date, it's an epic m/m fantasy story, it's got magic and mystery and some dark stuff and some funny stuff and hopefully some twists you won't see coming, and it's the only book I'll ever have out with Samhain, so...it has all my love :)

You can find it here: https://www.samhainpublishing.com/book/5760/tempest (its cheaper here)
or here: http://www.amazon.com/Tempest-Cari-Z-ebook/

Love can change a soul. But can it save one life?
Colm Weathercliff is a simple fisherman with an uncanny—some might say preternatural—knack for his trade. He thought leaving his small village to take his father’s ashes to the capital city of Caithmor for a proper burial would be the grandest adventure of his life.
At first, all his hopes seem to be fulfilled. He finds a home where he’s accepted without question, the freedom to use his talent to its fullest effect, and love with Nichol, a man with a longing for the sea as powerful as Colm’s.
But Caithmor holds as many dangers as it does attractions. Colm’s greatest secret turns out to be a dark revelation that gets him and his family shunned—and changes everything he thought he knew about himself.
The truth—about his parentage, his gift, even his physical form—could poison his chance for love. And doom both him and Nichol to a gruesome, inescapable fate.


  1. Hey!!

    I can't believe I'm finally up to date, at least in the Bonded universe. I've been reading your sci-fi stories on Lit and your blog since 2013 (!) for the last two weeks (!!!). And I love the characters and everything you created in this universe. I'm so looking forward to the next story arc.

    OK, I have to tell you a few things ... finally:

    1) I was in the middle of reading The Captain when you took it down from Lit - no joke - right that day, right that minute. I changed the page on Lit and the story was gone ;D and I did not read your other stories then, stupid me! It took a few weeks of reading mostly mediocre stuff on Lit, for me to start searching for Sci Fi stories with a high rating and ending up on your profile again. I'm so happy I read Bonded this time :D

    2) I love your comic book idea with the Phantom... About 15 years ago I stopped drawing and painting almost completely and decided to study something else (be responsible, child!). I have finally enough time to go back into illustration and I'm currently taking part in a few art courses with a focus on comics and character design. My brain has been trying to come up with possible looks for your main characters for days now. But I need more info :D

    3) I have to take the time now to read the contemporary story that you wrote last year, and start reading Train.

    4) And then, I have to get all your published work ;D .... and then I have to wait for your weekly updates like everyone else... *sigh* It was such a joy to be able to read everything in one go!

    Sorry for this really long comment, I wanted to comment all the time, but I didn't want to spam your old blog posts ;)

    I wish you all the best for 2016 and I hope that everything is fine again with your health.


    1. Hi LLAP! (great name, btw)

      Wow, you're a machine! I'm amazed you were able to traverse my blog so well. I keep telling myself I need to organize all the Bonded universe stories, but do I? *hangs head* No, no I don't.

      You missed out on The Captain? You only got to read partway? Oh god, that sucks. I'm sorry. If it helps, it'll be released as Perilous in May, with much better editing. If you really want to know what happens, though, email me. I'm glad you found Bonded, it's my favorite 'verse to write in.

      Honestly, I wish I had the artistic ability to illustrate Janie and the Phantom. I had such a clear vision for it, but alas. If you want to try drawing someone and need more description, I'd be happy to give you some :)

      Contemporary...last year...not Soothsayer? What contemporary did I write? *franically scans brain* I hope you like The Train, it's going to be crazy fun.

      If you seriously want to read my backlist, let me do you a favor: pick one thing that you absolutely have to have, and I'll send you an e-copy of it. Consider it incentive/thanks for reading so much of my work, I really appreciate it! And I appreciate your lovely long comment, you've made my day.

      Thank you!


    2. Hi Cari :)

      Sorry for confusing you: Yes, I meant "Soothsayer"! I was typing the comment on my smartphone last night, and I didn't want to risk losing it by searching for the name of the story on your blog. Ah, maybe it's not contemporary -- I haven't read it yet, I had to jump right over it to get to the continuation of the Bonded universe :D without missing any Vignettes inbetween.

      But I DID read "Love Letters" when I switched from Lit to your blog. It is such a beautiful story <3 And the character's name was Janie! Thank you for including it in your comment. I remembered that it was spelled differently somehow, but I didn't remember how exactly. Well... I could send you a questionnaire for her character (looks, uniform, weapons, likes, dislikes etc.). But I don't want to create more work for you ;)

      But while reading "Love Letters" my fingers were really itching now and then! Especially when you started to include pictures to represent some of the drawings from the story! I'd love to add some illustrations to "Love Letters"...

      BTW: I think I found a (tiny) inconsistency in Kyle's story (or I completely forgot what you really wrote): When we first meet him in "Academy", he tells us that his Father knew that his brother was responsible for the attack - he told Kyle right before putting him in the escape pod. Then in "Redstone", you write that the last thing Kyle heard his Father say was the message on the com system, that they have to leave the ship - and someone else put him in the escape pod. -- I hope I remember this correctly. Maybe I'm just confusing it in my head :D

      Also, when Jonah and Cody decided to move to Pandora, you wrote that they would not be able to use "realtime" communications - they would not be able to talk to their friends on the other planets directly. But when they finally did move later in the story, communications weren't a problem at all - which was quite nice :)

      So... I found a few tiny things here and there and I thought if you ever decide to publish those stories (they would be worth it <3), you should know about those things. I'm sure I'll re-read those stories quite a few times in the future and I could just leave a comment under those posts -- but if you say that it's not worth the trouble, I won't. I don't want to annoy you with my comments, eh? :p

      Regarding the e-book, thank you a lot! Right now I'm reading Cinders. Then I'll read everything else that you wrote here on the blog... and then I'll check out / get your published work :)

      All the best :D And read you soon!

      PS: I chose LLAP when I needed a name for Lit and Leonard Nimoy had just died that week or past month and I couldn't get it out of my head :(

    3. Hi LLAP

      The biggest problem with writing serials is that, inevitably, mistakes slip in. I like knowing what they are, though, and I appreciate the heads-up :) It makes it easier when I do decide to look at publishing something.

      I"m so glad you liked Love Letters! It's one of my longest stories, and one that I'm least confident about thanks to its genre, so yay! I'd be happy to give you some more visuals if you want them, it's no more work. My email is carizabeth@hotmail.com.