Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mid-Holiday Post: Hi!

Hi guys!

So, I didn't get a post out on Christmas, and although I plan on doing a big one for the New Year, with lots of sharing and excitement and possibly a giveaway, I thought I'd add my two cents now.

First off: Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope your season has been beautiful and full of delight. My man and I spent Christmas alone this year, after hosting a huge number of people last weekend for the wedding. Want to see a picture of my pretty sister and her husband on their wedding day?


She and I look just alike, except for the whole tall, thin and redheaded thing. I love the guy she married, he's fantastic, and we're so happy to have him in the family now. I'll post a picture of myself once I have a decent one. We got this from a friend of hers, not the actual photographer.

My folks are coming back for one night, on the 1st, before they fly back to Germany on the 2nd, so we'll get a little more time with them one-on-one. It's kind of odd, honestly. I love my parents and have all sorts of thing I could be sharing with them about my life, but don't, because I know they wouldn't really like learning that I won a Rainbow Award for lesbian fiction this year. Or, well, all sorts of things. Someday I'll be able to share everything without worrying about it, but for now...I just share with you guys!

Speaking of you guys, yeah, I've decided it, there will be a contest starting on the 1st, because you all are wonderful and deserve nice things. More about how fantastic I find you later.



  1. Share with us all you like :-)

    I imagine many more good things will be coming your way in 2015!

    1. Thanks, darlin! I hope the same for your own 2015 ;)

  2. What a gorgeous picture :-) My baby sister got engaged on Christmas Day, to a guy we like very much too.

    Here's to a happy and goodie-filled 2015 :-)

    1. Yes! May 2015 be even better, although I don't know, your 2014 was pretty epic... Congrats to your sis!