Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Comes Next...

So I blame what comes next partially on my darling readerwife, although she doesn't deserve the amount of weird that's going to be coming along for it. 

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do as my next serial here, but I finally decided on a twisted fairytale.  Twisted as in an other-realm juxtaposition/magical realism/rentboy kind of twist.  Yes, it's going to be very different from Pandora, in other words, but I think you'll enjoy it.  I hope so, at least, I haven't actually written more than the outline yet, but I should have the first post up before next week.

I'll still post about other projects and upcoming releases, of course, and hopefully (fingers f*^&ing crossed, arr!) I'll have a beautiful website soon.  This stuff always takes longer than I anticipate.

And what fairytale am I twisting?  Something unusual with shapeshifting awkwardness, like The White Dove?  Something with a wicked witch?  Cause don't we all love wicked witches.  Um, no.  But it is one of the big ones.  We'll see how I do.


  1. Hooray! New writing is on the horizon :-) I'm not necessarily opposed to weirdness in your next serial. I learned a long time ago that my brain begins to melt if I read too much of the same thing and I end up burning out. So, in the interests of keeping things fresh, I will prepare myself for this weirdness you speak of and give it a shot. I can't promise to like it, but...never say never :-)

  2. All I ask is for a chance. And if you hate it I will dissolve into a puddle of tears and sob:0 Kidding! I'll just sob. Kidding! I don't think you'll hate it. And all i'd hate is you getting bored, so this should work out.

  3. And Jesus Christ be praised, I can finally comment on my own blog again! God, that was annoying. Awesome. Okay, sorry, I'm going to stop now.

    1. YES!!! And it only took several months of living back in the U.S. for the problem to resolve itself...go figure :-)