Monday, February 27, 2012

Nice Review for Different Spheres!

What can I say?  I feel the need to spread the love.  This short story's reception has been particularly good so far. *basks in warm snuggly feeling*

The review was by Lucy at Hearts On Fire Reviews.  Four out of five stars, and here's the majority of what she had to say:

What this story shows is the blossoming of a friendship, with no pressure and no expectations. It is a slow build, and a precious glimpse into the lives of a mature (44 year old) man, living with a progressive disease and how that affects perceptions. Warren is 50, and had lost a partner to a heart attack. When he tells Gil about the last words of his lover, Nate, before he died, I cried. It was just so, real life and hurting.

This is a short book that I didn’t want to be any longer than what it was. While I would love a follow up sequel to revisit Warren and Gil, I felt this ended at such a beautiful place that anything else wouldn’t work.

Definitely recommended for those of us who aren’t perfect, who aren’t 18 and who know how difficult opening up can be.

Thanks, Lucy!  Sorry I made you cry.  Actually, not really:)  Several people have let me know a sequel would be good.  Any thoughts on that, folks?  Because I'm definitely tempted to go there.


  1. Nice review! Crying isn't so bad sometimes. I am always intrigued by reviews where people say a story made them cry. For me, its usually a good indicator that the story is well-written and will draw me in as if I'm part of the story. I like that. Reading a book right now that got a similar review and I confess that I cried 11 pages into the tale. I haven't even finished it yet but so well spent :-)

    Kudos to you again, Cari!

  2. Thanks, Tiffany! I know, crying is such a visceral reaction that it really speaks to the emotional connection a book can give you. I've read stories before where my whole chest ached for pages and pages...uncomfortable but there was no way I could stop reading. Someday I too shall be able to provoke that kind of reaction:)