Friday, February 3, 2012

Maybe I'm the only one finding this funny...

Hiya, people.

I got Pandora Ch. 3 loaded onto Literotica today.  I left it on a cliffhanger, you know, the part with the explosion in the lab.  I've gotten a few comments remarking on my evilness, all with love, and it got me to thinking about how cliffhangers do indeed suck (I know, been there reading other people's stories, I just wanted to reach through the computer, grab the author and demand "What NEXT!?!") and how because the thing is already written, they'll suck for a much shorter period of time than could be otherwise.  Like, say, if I was writing this story over the span of more than a year on a continent where computers are as often paperweights as writing devices and making my readers wait for weeks and weeks.  And fucking weeks.  God, you guys are tolerant.  Especially the commenters, you darlings who threw me nummy-nums and encouraged me to keep going, but all of you were awesomely patient.

And in defense of the Lit people, I let half a year slip by before finishing Shadows and Light.  That story was such a beast.

The question becomes, how will I torment you next?  Will I be nice, write something completely out on my home computer and then give you big, satisfying chunks of it all at once?  Probably not, this is the blog that forces me to write, so no, likelihood is it will be something drawn out again.  Sorry.  Still figuring out what to do here next, I thought I had it and then it slipped away from me.  But soon.

Also, just, one little Colorado thing to share.  Two days ago it was unseasonably warm, like kick the jackets to the curb warm.  This morning we have twelve inches of snow.  Boulder, you tease:)  My PT called me to cancel our appt this morning, she said she didn't want my crutch slipping on the snow and giving me another broken leg.  So thoughtful.

Anyway, long rant, oy.  Happy Friday!

PS-not me, obviously.  originally posted at the Daily Camera website

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