Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Different Spheres is out today!

Hey there folks

So this should be a Cinders post, but it isn't yet.  Soon, leibchen!  Instead I'm letting you guys know that Different Spheres is available starting today at Dreamspinner Press.  It's a short story that I originally intended to go in an anthology about love in a scholarly setting, but it ended up being something totally other.  It takes place in a contemporary setting too, with no magic, no creatures, nothing paranormal. See?  I can stretch my skills!

Here, have a link: Different Spheres e-book.

Hey, why not the blurb, too?

Gil Donaldson returned to his hometown of Boulder, Colorado, after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis cut short his teaching career and his love life on the East Coast. Waking one morning to find that his vision has gone blurry, which makes driving himself to the hospital out of the question, Gil solicits the help of his slightly-reclusive neighbor, Warren Masters, to take him to the ER.

The two men become friends over the course of Gil’s recovery from his latest relapse, and while Gil recognizes he’s attracted to the other man, he refuses to act on it. Gil doesn’t like relying on anyone else to ensure his emotional or physical health, and he’s grown used to being alone, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Warren is a man of few words, but he’s there whenever Gil needs him, and he has only one request for them to be together.

I'd give you the cover too, except it's the generic cover for all Dreamspinner short stories.  Oh, but what the hell, some of you might not have seen it before.

Anyway, promo done, so Happy Wednesday!

Oh, and--for those of you who have been to my website and are wondering why this isn't up there yet, the answer is because I don't know how to manuipulate that stuff.  Yet.  I'm going to get it, though, because I don't want to start falling behind on keeping it updated.  Oh, the learning just never ends.


  1. I just finished Different Spheres, and it was so LOVELY! It was down to earth, tender, and the characters were imperfect but perfect for each other. . . priceless :) I hope to read more of your books very soon!

    Tame Anna

    1. I agree! 'Imperfect but perfect for each other...' is a great way to describe Gil and Warren :-) It was a great story.

  2. Hey ladies

    I'm so glad you liked it! I had to stop at 12k words because of the original anthology's set submission length, but I might write a sequel if people like the guys, which apparently you both do:) Tame Anna and Tiffany, you both are awesome and have made me smile. Thanks for reading.