Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogging and balls

This is a bit of a random post, so please forgive me in advance. 

Guest blogging on Lisabet Sarai's site was very fun, even though I wasn't able to give her my stuff until a day before the post was supposed to go up.  In my defense, the top half of the country had no email access for 5 days, which was maddening but what can you do?  Call someone to complain?  That presumes your phone works.  Still...she was very understanding.  Thanks to whomever visited me there, uber thanks to the commenters (yeah, I'm looking at you, T:) and hopefully next time I'll be more focused.

I got accepted to another antho coming out in January with Torquere, which is lovely...I'll get promo stuff up soon.

And now, not that there are many men who read this blog in all likelihood, but if there are: thank you guys for being the ones to carry the testicles around.  What a pain that must be.  It's on my mind of late because a friend in another village was telling us how they castrate sheep around here, and all the men present were groaning and turning green, and all I could do was think, "I'm so happy that's not me."  And I am.  Kudos to dudes.


  1. I remember being a kid growing up in Tennessee and asking my grandfather (who had just returned from castrating several bulls at a nearby farm) what EXACTLY castrating was. He explained it to me with enough detail that I was very grateful for not having to witness it. So, I agree. Kudos to dudes, indeed.

  2. Yes, exactly. It's something I hope to never, ever witness. Ever. My man seconds, thirds and fourths that statement:)