Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pimping my friends...

What, you have friends? *snort*  Yeah, who are they?

Shut up, I so have friends.  Lots of them.  It's just that most of them aren't erotica authors.  Their loss, or possibly our gain if their interests/talents don't run that way.  I don't know for sure.  I haven't spoken about the exciting world of erotica with most of them; it's just not a hot topic here in Togo.

But I do have some writer buddies, and I was updating my links today and thought, "I should mention these people.  Why?  Because they write beautifully, and make me green with envy and ridiculously hot and bothered.  That's the sort of talent that needs to be spread around."  And so.  Just the two of them today, but these people rock.  Our conversations might be only occasional, but they are always enjoyable.

There's Damon Shaw, who not only writes beautifully but also lives in Africa (technically speaking, although he's on a tropical island as opposed to my sub-Saharan savannah).  Find him here:  He published a story in the Myths and Magic anthology from Dreamspinner with co-author Rod Santos that's absolutely gorgeous.

Aaaand there's JL Merrow, who's work is witty, intruiging and occasionally freaking hilarious, completely on purpose too!  She's prolific, so check her site for more of her stuff, but she had pieces in the Making Contact antho from Dreamspinner as well as the Mine anthology just out from Torquere:

Alrighty then.  Gold star for me!  As for getting my rear in gear, I'm working on Shadows and Light, another installment of Pandora and, because it's NaNoWriMo, my alter ego is writing 1667 words a day of something that isn't necessarily destined to be erotica, but will probably end up that way.  I'm blogging on Lisabet Sarai's website next week; a link will be forthcoming.

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