Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving is tomorrow...

So, big American holiday Thursday.  My husband and I managed to find a ridiculously expensive turkey (live, naturally) and have taken on the task of being the ones to prepare it for our coalescing American community tomorrow.  And by prepare I mean kill, clean, and cook.  We're learning a lot about fowl right now, in preparation for this momentous occasion.  For example, turkeys might not be the best flyers, but the dudes have a vertical, wing-assisted jump that puts pro basketball players to shame.  When you hobble them to prevent this sort of gymnastic maneuver, they can and will claw you.  Also, they shit incessantly.  Also, neighbors who tolerate the barking of your dog are not all that inclined to tolerate the barking of said dog supplemented by a harmony of turkey gobbling, despite the loudness of their own goats/sheep/pigs/offspring.  Such noise is also not condusive to writing, so I understand their discontent.

I'm trying to do NaNoWriMo, more Pandora and get Shadows and Light beta'd, but at this point I'm shooting for a 33% success rate for the evening.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American visitors! 

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