Friday, September 25, 2020

Special Offer on my Patreon!

 Hi darlins!




Just an FYI, anyone who joins my Patreon before the end of the month will be entered in a drawing to help me plot out a Halloween story for the blog. Totally new content, and Patreon friends will get it first, but it'll still come here in the end.

Want to read a story about vampires? Werewolves? Witches? A spooky, sentient cactus? All this and more could be yours! 


Patrons also get first access to revisited stuff, so as I start to edit Bonded, Pandora, Paradise, etc., it'll go up there first. 

If the blog is still your first love, no worries! There's always new content coming here too :) 

Thank you all so much for being great readers and helping me to love what I do.

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