Monday, April 24, 2017

Where There's Fire Audiobook Contest

First it was Where There's Smoke,  and now we have Where There's Fire! Again with Nick J. Russo narrating, my supervillains get a second life!

It's available at Amazon or Audible, and just like last time, I'm running a contest! I've got three copies to give away, and all you have to do is comment on my blog (or via Twitter, or Facebook, or wherever you see this) and tell me what superpower you'd choose (if it were up to you). The contest ends Friday the 28th, when I'll tally the comments and pick winners. Play along! The worst thing that could happen is you win a book with absolutely fantastic narration!


  1. I would love to be able to either fly or teleport myself from one place to another.

    1. Omigosh, I'll be useless for weeks after tomorrow and I feel terrible for never giving you your book! I'm going to put the Audible code here because, honestly, who else is going to check a blog post from April? If it doesn't work please let me know, and thank you so much for commenting, I adore you. FDZW64637M9EJ Where There's Fire

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