Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Upcoming vacation and feelings of quease

Hi darlins,

I know, I know. Where is your chapter? How can I leave you with SO MANY CLIFFHANGERS? What the hell is wrong with me? The answer is: morning sickness. Yeah, still. Apparently the magical three-month mark was less magic and more "meh" for me, because I'm still sick. Not as bad, but definitely not bright-eyed and bushy tailed. I'm not doing a great job focusing on the screen today, so I'll try and write more Reformation later in the week. Right now all I can do is lie down.

Also, next week: vacation! Kind of! I'll be in Atlanta for RT, and before that I'm visiting friends in Tennessee. If you're going to be at RT, please, please, find me and let us hello each other! I'll be in wildly colorful and incredibly comfortable dressed (I had to kiss my jeans goodbye, damn it). If not, next week will be a deliberate story hiatus (as opposed to today, blerg) and then I should be well into month 4 and feeling...better? Please? C'mon baby, don't be like that baby.

Thanks for being patient. *genuflects*

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