Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm genuinely grateful for this holiday right now, because it reminds me that not everything has been a clusterf*ck this year. I'm thankful to be having a wonderful dinner with my excellent husband in our own home, which we've been in for a little over a year now, with our dog who's been here for almost half that time.

I'm thankful for my loving family, who are spread out all across the globe. I hope they have exactly the Thanksgiving day that they want, or at least the best they can get in places where there are no cranberries or turkey.

I'm thankful for my readers, who are all that make me put fingers to keyboard sometimes, and especially for the ones who send me messages, encouragement, help me plan or just say hi. You guys are something special.

I'm thankful for my coauthors, who are wonderful writers and also extremely patient for the most part, and I'm happy to be a member of the writing community that, generally speaking, gives me a lot of joy.

Thanks for making my year, and my entire life, better 💖💙💚💛💜

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  1. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories with us <3