Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNaWriMo and Auctioning a Fic

Hey darlins!

So, it's November, which means NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  The idea is to write 50k words over the course of the month, about 1,667 words a day.  I'm going to spend my words working on a few things.  Naturally I'll keep up with Paradise, because that just has to happen, but I'm also writing the first three or so episodes in a six-part serial story that's going to be released by Storm Moon Press in the new year, one episode a month.  The story is titled Cambion, and takes place in the same world that I briefly introduced with In All Your Ways, a free story that you can download here.  This time the main character will be, you guessed it, a cambion, the offspring of a human and a demon.  I'm going for a thriller feel with this, lots of intrigue (which god knows I love) and alliances and weaponry and secrets and mysterious powers. It's going to be awesome.  I'll be posting more about it as I learn more/write more myself, but the same girl who did my cover for Changing Worlds?  Is doing my cover for this book.  Should be great.

Also, I'm one of a group of authors who's going to be auctioning off a story for Hurricane Sandy relief on the blog Babes in Boyland, which is run by Piper Vaughn and MJ O'Shea.  The winning bidder for my story will be able to give guidance on theme, setting, genre, pairing...oh, pretty much everything.  I'll even write backstory for something I have going now, or follow up with characters from a story you'd like to learn more about.  Want to know what happened to Cris after Anna took off?  I can do that.  Questions about Isidore?  A vignette for Danny and Reese?  More Garrett, more Wyl, more Tom and Christopher?  All of this is possible, as well as doing something completely new for you.

The auction goes live tomorrow on Piper's blog at 7am.  Help me make a contribution to a worthy cause.  Or, heck!  There are plenty of other great authors participating as well!  Bid on someone else's story.  Partial list: Piper Vaughn, Megan Derr, Viktor Alexander, SL Armstrong and K Piet, Blaine Arden, Xara X Xanakas, Cherie Noel...there are a lot of us to choose from.  You can find more information here: Babes in Boyland.  Remember, the auction doesn't start until Friday morning.  I don't know when it ends either, but the info will probably be up tomorrow.  Thank you so much, and good luck!


  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! 1600 words a day seems daunting. Most days I can barely come up with 140 characters for a tweet!

    I'm spending today finishing up The Captain for you (FINALLY!) so expect an email later today at some point :-)

    1. I have issues with keeping my tweets down to par...

      Thank you for anything/everything you do concerning The Captain too, darlin. I <3 u:)