Thursday, November 15, 2012

Upcoming and Incoming Fics

Well hi!

First things first--there are lions (one cougar) and bears (a mama and three cubs) around my house this year.  No tigers, but we do have one huge elk, some marmots, and the resident herd of deer.  Crazy, there's so much wild kingdom around here right now.  Craaazy.  But cool.

Second, thanks so much to the people who participated in the Hurricane Sandy Story Auction on the Babes In Boyland blog.  The winning bid for yours truly came from SL Armstrong, which means I'm going to be writing some very edgy vampire fic for her soon.  I also took on a second story for another excellent donation, and this time I was asked for more Ferran and Jason (of Changing Worlds) from Ferran's POV, which is going to be awesome.  Awesome!

And lastly, I wasn't planning on bidding on the auction, but then K Piet made a remark on twitter that made me want a very particular sort of story, and she prompted me to bid to get it.  So...I did.  Which means that soon, I'm going to be getting me some priest kink.  Don't judge me for my kinks, people:)  You know if you could have one of your favorite authors write you absolutely anything you wanted, you totally would. 

PS, this isn't our elk, but he's just about that big.

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