Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lazy Sunday Post + snippet

Yep, it's all just unicorns and rainbows...

I freaking love days like this.  Today has been one of those "nothing urgent needs to be done" days, and so I've gotten to spend most of it writing, which is just...*sigh.*  Days like this are going to be few are far between now that we're all careening towards the holidays, so I'm trying to treasure it.  I've got my siblings, one sister in law, one baby, and two inlaws coming for Thanksgiving, and I've got a house that still needs prepping before any of them would find it liveable.  So yay.  Chores.

Hmm, a few updates.  Firstly, I'm absolutely killing it on my NaNo so far, but then the story is pretty damn easy to write at this point (lots of gunfire and explosions, which, c'mon, yeah) and I'm still going to have time for new Paradise by Tuesday/Wednesday.  I'm still working through which POV to use for it, but I'll get there.  It's a very confusing time in the story.  I know what I want to happen, but the order of events is throwing a hissy fit in my brain.  Arg.

Secondly, huge thanks to the people who have come by Babes in Boyland and bid for the stories being auctioned for Hurricane Sandy relief donations.  My own story's high bid is $100 at last check (and what did I do to deserve that?  God, people are awesome!) but there are other stories you can bid on if you still want to get something unique out of donating to a good cause.  You can find the list here: Story Auction.

Finally, it's time for the Goodreads M/M group choice awards.  I didn't participate in this last year because it took a loving kick in the pants from my readerwife to get me into the group, but I"m looking it over and, wow, there are a lot of categories.  If anyone feels moved enough to nominate one of my books/characters, I'd be thrilled (there's a sci fi category!).  Self-promotion is very far from my strong suit, but hell with it, I'm putting it out there.  Info and rules are here: goodreads m/m awards.

Okay, done!  Want a mini-excerpt from my NaNo story?  Completely unbeta'd and fresh and likely to change before publication?  Have a snippet, darlins.


There’s a succubus in a circle in the middle of the floor, possessing a beautiful body, a girl with long blue-black hair and perfect caramel skin.  She’s wildly contorted, her head spun so far around that Rio knows her host body is dead.  She sees him, her irises solid green and iridescent like a beetle’s wing, and shrieks.  The dozens of men surrounding her, men so caught up in her distorted, wanton pain that they hadn’t heard the gunshots, blink hazy eyes and look up.  They see Rio, they watch him shoot a guard coming up on his right, and then they begin to panic.

Rio lobs a stinger into the middle of the room.  To his surprise, the succubus manages to catch it, turn and throw it towards a shadowy corner partially shielded by a painted room divider just before it goes off.  There’s a bang, a scream, and suddenly the succubus is free.  And boy, is she angry.


  1. Coincidentally, I had nominated your Changing Worlds for both SciFi and Best World categories today before reading this post. I love that book and wish there was a sequel.

    1. Wow, great minds think alike. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your loving it enough to nominate it. I think a sequel could be in the cards...