Tuesday, September 11, 2018

RL Post Today

Hi guys,

So, there's no story post today. I spent Friday-Monday at knife camp and managed to catch a cold while I was there. I'm headachy, regular achy, and have a runny nose I'm trying to keep away from my kiddo, so story? Not happening. I'll try for an extra long installment next week.

That said, things have been...overall good lately. Knife camp was fun, my parents came up to watch the itsy bitsy baby (who is turning one on Friday, OMG), and we won a truly beautiful, utterly unique handcrafted damascus knife made from steel that came from one of the World Trade Center's I-beams. It seems particularly relevant to write about a knife like that, on today of all days. We're grateful to own such a gorgeous piece of art and history.

Let's see...the baby turns one, right. Friday. What? WHAT? How can this be? She was just a tiny little bundle of sleepy adorableness yesterday, and now she's standing and crawling and chattering and is, quite possible, the prettiest baby ever. Every mother says this, but I really mean it. I've actually had people say (not to me, but to people who then told me about it) "How could two ordinary-looking people make such a pretty baby?" To which I say...thanks? I guess?

My quest to make enough to stay at home with the kiddo continues to twist and turn. I had an online editing gig that went sour after they realized they had to actually pay me the rate they promised for ALL my work, not just what they thought merited that money. I've got a ghostwriting gig coming up that should set me right for a while, but we'll see how long I can stretch the money to make it last. I've got a book with Dreamspinner coming out in October, synopses due to DSP and Carina for more books, a sequel to write with Lori, and a UF and PNR to finish before the end of the year. It's all uncertain returns, which sucks, but what can you do?

At any rate, I'm writing, I'm hunting for work, I'm caring for my kiddo and loving on my husband and appreciating all the help I get from family and friends, so I think I'm pretty damn lucky overall. And I've got you, my awesome readers, who help make pressing on worthwhile. So thanks for being there, for reading my work and supporting my books, and for chatting at me every now and then. I'll post about the upcoming book later this week, but I think that's it for today.

Be good to yourselves, darlins.

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  1. Hope baby’s first birthday passed with lots of love and laughter.

    I LOLed at “How could two ordinary-looking people make such a pretty baby?" To which I say...thanks? I guess?” People can be unintentionally bitchy at times.