Monday, February 1, 2016

Stuff, things, holy sh*t!

Sooo...good thing that Redstone finished up last week, because my honey and I have just discovered the joys of "the interminable home improvement project." You know the type. You think you're going to do this one thing, and yeah, it's kind of big but you can handle it, just a few weeks and some hard work and the result will be you getting to lounge like a boss in a clawfoot tub (those, by the way, are really fucking heavy. Like...really heavy. *groan*).

Only then you notice a leak trickling down from the upstairs bathroom into the lower one, and--wait, no, two of them, and--oh. Wow, look at all the rot up there! Let's hope the floor doesn't collapse beneath us... Heeeey, no, we can fix all that. We just can't shower at home or use the upstairs toilet while we're doing it. SO, basically, the point is...time=zero, because this is the week of fixing shit. I'm mostly the gofer, which is fine with me.

Hmm, let's see, better, I should have a contest going next week for a very special little book! That'll be fun. I'm planning the story that's starting next month, yay. I bought tickets to Vegas for RT, and also bought tickets to go see my brother and his growing family (new baby) in March--yeah, working the family faction there. We're almost ready to nail down our trip to Cambodia to visit my MIL in September, which will be fucking amazing and I'm so excited to go.

And ooh ooh! Shadows & Light is available for preorder from Pride Publishing! If you order from their website, you get to read it a month in advance. So...yeah. Fun!

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