Sunday, February 14, 2016

Contest Winners + a present for me!

The 10 Simple Tips contest ends today, and the lucky winners are:



and Irish Smurfette!

Congratulations, and thanks so much to everyone who played along, I love you. Happy Valentine's Day!

I'll try to contact all of you directly. If I don't get through in the next day and you see this and go "Wtf, Cari? Wtf." Reach out, darlin'. Just reach out.

As far as the present for me, well...let's just say, it's something that my Spanish-speaking audience will enjoy too. Yes, I have another gift from Traductores Anonimos, and I'll be passing it along to you all later this week. Yay!


  1. Yaaaayyy!! *does happy dance* Best Valentines day present ever! Thankyou so much. Xoxo

  2. *squeeeeee.....*
    yay! that's just super cool Cari!! thank you!!!