Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sharing The Love!

Hi darlins!

Guess what I have. At laaaast.

Yes, that would be a paperback copy of Ten Simple Tips For Surviving The Apocalypse! The formatting is courtesy of PD Singer, an incredible author friend with all the computer skills I lack, and I have three of these to give away for Valentine's Day! Because of course, what goes better with Valentine's Day that a mutant apocalypse end of the world road trip fic? Nothing, that's what. I'll send them anywhere (they're pretty small, thank goodness; not to pricey to ship) so please play along!

How do you win? It's pretty simple: just show me some love. Leave me a nice note on Facebook or Goodreads, write a review for something of mine you might have read (it doesn't have to be a super review, btw; you like what you like, be honest), rec a story to a friend, and THEN! Key point here: leave a comment here or email me so I know you're playing along. This is mostly based on the honor system because I just don't have the time to check up on grown adults playing along with my Valentine's Day game.

Please play! You could win a copy of Ten Simple Tips, and even if you don't, you'll be my Valentine anyway :)

PS, contest winners are chosen on the 14th, so you've got until then. Work it!


  1. I left you a question on Goodreads. I think I already read this, but I collect books from my favorite authors such as you and Marie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. *spends ages trying to write something funny about showing the love without sounding creepy, gives up. promises to write the next scene of "Cari's 2016Q1 Challenge TW fic" (true story) instead*

  3. Ooh, How I loved that book!!!!

    I just found out today about the third Panopolis installment and was positively giddy about it so I decided to check your site for more details on it! I loved that series! This one is obviously about Freight Train (Craig) right? Exciting! I hope we'll still see more from Raul and Edward <3

    And my word! That cover! He looks like Chris Evans <3

  4. I left you a comment on FB lol (2/10). I also did the test/challenge thing you did at the end of the story when it posted on GR. :) It's one of my favs of yours.

  5. I'm not playing the game since I already won when you wrote the story. I still posted a comment on FB and GR because you're awesome and I ♥ you. This just made my day. :)