Saturday, March 23, 2013

Old adages that might be true...

Get ready for a rambly nonsense post.  What can I say, they happen.

Here's a fortune cookie saying:  If you want to get something done fast, give it to an already-busy person to do. 

For a long time (primarily in college, because I was something of a lazy bugger) I thought that this saying was pure lie.  Now that I'm actually trying to be a writer, though, I'm kind of starting to see the merit of it.

I'm reading a book on the craft of writing at the moment that posits that the most important thing about writing is to keep doing it.  Not just to write, but to set goals and meet them, to write often, and most of all to write fast.  Not to be shoddy, but to be consistent and to keep going.  Go, go, go.  This is what you want to do?  Then you should damn well do it, because life is short, baby.

Why am I even thinking about this?  Because I'm writing four different things at the moment, which should be exhausting, but it's working.  I don't have kids, my work is flexible, I'm not in grad school like my man--what should I be doing with myself, then?  I grew up in a family that pushed me to accomplish, continually, and while I'll never be the doctor my parents always wanted (they have two of those already, one a PhD, one an MD and neither has a lifestyle that appeals) I might just become the author that I want to be.  I feel like I need to take advantage of the luxury of time I'm given right now by using it productively (see the above gif--I would so do that!).

Writing is happening, but I can do more.  My website will see the first improvements, because the poor baby is languishing in May of last year, but I feel like the blog needs an energy infusion.  I don't know--reviews, art, links to articles that are interesting...what appeals to you as a reader?  Apart from more Love Letters, which is coming!

Anyway, happy Saturday, darlins:)


  1. More Love Letters, YAAAY!!!
    Hmm, I'm not sure how interesting it would be for others, but a new know how many authors interview other authors and do reviews on their blogs?? Well maybe interview a few readers. It might be interesting to find out a bit about other people who read and like your work. Anyway, just a thought. And maybe a little about our illustrious author once in awhile. Nothing too personal, but what makes you tik, your good days and bad days, a little trivia about you. I know you do some of that here and there already (like just now lol).
    Sorry, rambling again. You asked...hahahaha!
    You're doing wonderful work on Love Letters, the boys have a place in my heart right next to Garret, Jonah and Cody (well, maybe 1 rung below, but not much!). ;)
    I'm having some health issues and am unable to work as of the last 2 weeks, and onward indefinitely, so if I disappear for awhile, no worries-i'll be back when I can pay my cellphone bill again after surgery and recovery. I have my phone for sure through the 4th, so its not immediate. I'll miss ya tho!

  2. Here's what I like about your blog. It's a place where I can come to read excellent fiction but not get bogged down by too much "extra". Other blogs that I follow have had a tendency in the past to start out well enough and then evolve into a cluttered, hard to navigate mess or the author's personal soap box. I'm all for people using their blog for whatever purpose they find appropriate, but in the end its supposed to be about the writing, so that should be the focus. If they want to talk about causes they support, do so a little here and a little there. If it starts to dominate your whole blog, it might be time to consider starting another blog for that purpose. As for clutter, if they want people to come to read their work, they should at least make things as orderly and accessible as possible.

    I think you have done an excellent job of keeping the focus of this blog about the writing. I like the fact that I know what to expect when I come here and its fairly easy to navigate from new material to old. That being said, there are a couple ways you could probably spice things up a bit without veering too far away from the focus, which is to share your lovely stories with us. You could always take Scottie's advice and share more personal snippets of your life. You might share photos of places or people that inspire your writing. Tell us about your favorite books and how they influenced you and your writing. I enjoy the random movie reviews you throw out every once in a while. Make a post about what you might be reading at the time. Is it good? Is it terrible? Give us book recommendations on occasion if you find something especially good :-) Share good articles or what songs are on your radio while you work. I'm just throwing out ideas.

    None of those things have to happen often, but if you sprinkled them in amongst your regular posts they might make things more lively without taking over. Hope some of that helps :-)