Sunday, January 22, 2012

Potential Silence, an Explanation For.

Hi guys!

So lets get the fun stuff out there first.  The next big installment of Pandora (the collected editions, haha) will be up on Literotica in a couple of days.  It's queued, what can I do after that?  Check out if you want to see the slightly modified version from parts 8 through 15, I believe. 

Let's see...I got to look at the header for my soon-to-exist website, and it is super sexy and lovely and makes me happy.  The existence of said site is coming ever and ever closer to fruition.  Cannot wait.

Different Spheres is in production mode (ie getting a cover) and will have it's own url on the Dreamspinner Press website soon, so I'll pass that along when it happens.

Now the not-so-fun stuff.  Tuesday I go in for knee surgery, which means I will be hopped up on the good stuff for a few days and in all likelihood an incoherent mess, so don't expect me to post much beyond "Mhuhwhaaa...?" or to be quick to respond to emails.  On the bright side, I get two weeks off of work, which means lots of time to write once I'm sensible again.  Also, once recovered I will know better than to try to choke a person with my shin, which is what put me in this situation.  It's been a learning experience all around.


  1. Aww :-( Good luck with your surgery! Hopefully you won't be down too long :-) Though I must admit, I'm glad you will be writing during your recovery. A little selfish of me perhaps, but you having unadulterated free writing time means that we all get to reap the benefits.

    Looking forward to seeing the new website soon :-) Take care!

  2. I hope everythign went well! I will cross my fingers for less incoherent mess and more writing! I love your stuff!