Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back To Work, Woman!

Hi there!

So, I've gotten some distance, made some space, now I can look at my blog rationally and figure out the next step.  Yes I'll keep posting excerpts and news of my upcoming publications here, and yes I'll throw in the occasional RL tidbit, but the real thing that this blog motivates me to do is to write.  I'm the sort of person who functions better under a deadline, weird but true.  If I want to be really productive, I either have to exercise the kind of discipline that comes my way about once every six months and regiment myself, or rely on outside sources to do it for me.  Hence the indespensibleness of my readerwife and the other people who follow what I write and then tap me with the "Get Your Ass Back To Work" stick.

It has to be something I can bring myself to focus on, though.  I can't write too much of the same thing or my mind starts to melt.  I want to do another series on this blog, but genres that are currently off-limits are, in no particular order: science fiction, urban fantasy, anything having to do with shapeshifters, fairies or vampires... I'm juggling several novellas and a novel right now, which will be totally fun once they're done but currently are eating my brain.  Anyway.  Feel free to suggest a topic, a situation or even just a theme.  I love you and your help:)

In other news, I've put the first eight parts of Pandora together and put them into the queue on Literotica.  I did end up changing a few bits and pieces, and it reads very nicely in its longer version, so even if you've already finished it you might want to check it out again.  Give it a few days.  There will probably be four extended parts altogether.

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  1. I've already expressed a desire for you to write something within the historical genre (like The Captain, which I LOVED) but I completely understand how that doesn't lend itself to serial stories. So my next thought would be something I'm not sure you've done much of before like a contemporary coming-of-age, first love sort of story. That's just a thought :-) I'm going to keep thinking though and I'll let you know what I come up with...