Thursday, May 19, 2011

So...I need a beta reader

Hey there, guys and dolls!

I'm putting out the call for a beta reader to help me finish polishing Shadows and Light 4.  My regular beta is currently unavailable and I've got to get this thing posted before June or I shall lose a measure of self-respect that frankly I can't afford to let go at the moment, so this is my shout out for a helpful pair of eyes. 

Never beta'd before?  It's not that hard.  In this instance, you have to have read the other parts of Shadows and Light, you have to have a good grasp of English, and you have to be willing to be honest with me without resorting to flames.  Constructive criticism I can handle, but no one likes being set on fire.  You also have to be willing to read the story and give me feedback on it by the end of the weekend, the sooner the better.  Even if your only comment is "Cari, you nailed it!", which I doubt but might happen:)

So email me at my hotmail account if you're genuinely interested, with Beta in the subject line.  The addy is on the front page, right-hand side, down there somewhere.  In case there are more than one of you (squee!), I'll pick someone and let the rest know the score.  Thanks in advance for your help, whomever you may be.  Once I get this into the Literotica queue I can stop neglecting Pandora.

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  1. I'm willing to give it a try. As a teacher I am usually critiquing the writing of elementary school kids but I may be of some use. Sending my info now!