Friday, May 13, 2011

The Hell You Say!

Yes, the rough draft of Shadows and Light 4 is finished!  Twenty five thousand words of anguish and toil, and now I'm going on vacation to (wait for it) a country with more than one paved road (I know!  Crazy, yeah?) for five days and I won't look at the story or think about it until I get back.  Then it's revisions, beta, more revisions, posting on Literotica, and FINALLY!  THE STORY WILL BE COMPLETE!!!

Sorry, I felt the need for dramatic emphasis, and/or yelling.

So, y'all have a lovely weekend, and hopefully when I get back I'll have the next part of Pandora ready to go shortly thereafter. 



  1. I imagine that right now you are having one of those same moments that marathon runners have right after they cross the finish line. You feel tired, relieved, happy, wonder why the hell you were crazy enough to undertake such a task, and SO glad to have seen it through to the end. Even with revisions and such left to go it must feel very nice to have that monkey off your back before your vacation! Go Cari!

  2. Hi Tiffany! Yeah, I ws driven to get it done before leaving because otherwise I knew I'd stress over it. And now I'm back and must revise, but I can face that with mostly equanimity. *shallow bow* Thank you, thank you:)