Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sh*t I need to get done:)

It turns out that when you start to wrap up your Peace Corps experience, there's a whole bunch of crap you have to do with regards to your site, your successor, your projects, your medical history and your travel itinerary. I have never worked in a solid and entrenched bureaucracy before, although both my parents are civil servants, and being confronted with reams of paper and the expectation for me to remember who each one goes to, when, and accompanied by what, is almost dizzying. I would be a piss-poor paper pusher. Even knowing my weakness, however, nothing is off the table when we get back to the states, because I'm gonna need a job until I can make writing pay my way. Which could be a bit.

We head back to the states at the end of the summer, but in the meantime, we're taking a mini-vacation into the desert next week. Why do you care? Good question, allow me to explain. Shadows and Light 4, which is almost twice as long as all its predecessors, has to be finished in rough draft form and given over to my beta before I take off on my little wilderness jaunt, because otherwise that's another week it would be behind. I said I'd get it out this month and I will, come hell or high water or plagues of locusts.

This means of a necessity that Pandora probably won't be updated until the middle/end of the month, which is cruel and unusual but also unavoidable. I'm trying to finish a short story for a Dreamspinner antho as well, and writing up an exercise science lesson for an upcoming camp in French. I don't know the words for pulse oximeter or resting heart rate in French, so I'd better get my ass to work, huh?

Happy May to everyone, especially the moms:)

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