Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tomorrow we leave Germany.

Sigh.  It's a truly sad sigh, because we had an incredible vacation filled with our friends and relatives and wonderful food and unseasonably freezing temperatures, which just made it better for us.  Now we go back to Togo, and we're going to get back to the way of things, and reaccustomed to heat and everything will be fine, but I'm indulging myself in a little melancholy first.  Sigh.

Okay, done!  I wrote up a storm here, and even though I haven't posted the next chapter of Pandora yet (smacks own forehead) I will soon, and I might get a one-shot done for Literotica's Valentine's Day contest.  We'll see.


  1. Be safe on your journey back to Togo! Hope its not too hot when you get back home. Where I live, the temperature over the past two weeks has gone from low 20's w/ snow, to 60 degrees on New Years Eve, back to snow and upper 20's. Today my husband and I built a snowman. I'm beginning to think it wouldn't be so bad if it were hot for a while ;-)

  2. We got here safely, and are now making the most of the AC before we head back upcountry. Should take a few days, if we're lucky and go the leisure route:) I hope your weather becomes comfortable soon.