Sunday, August 22, 2010

Haven't evolved to walking yet, much less leaping

Yes.  I know.

I continue to be slow on this blog.  Bear with me.  I'll get more links up today, and I just got accepted to a few more anthologies, so it's not like I don't have good news to be passing on.  To those who may be interested in participating, let me be clear:  I accept constructive criticism, suggestions for the blog, offers of assistance and all sorts of friendly overtures.  This is my first real essay into blogdom and I know there are a zillion people out there with more experience.  You can email me at if you don't feel like commenting here.

Of course I don't accept nastiness, vindictive flames and/or juvenile jokes (unless they're really, really funny) so please spare me those.  I'd love to hear from you otherwise.  It feels like a big, empty place and will continue to until I work my way into the community,!  Tyvm.

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