Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Birthdays, Father's Day, Travel, and Writing

Hey darlins!

Sooooo...why aren't I starting a new story this week?

There are a few reasons. First and foremost, it was my birthday on Sunday (and Father's Day too, this happens every now and then and it's a sweet intersection) and I wanted to spend it hanging out with my family and enjoying delicious meals and eating birthday cake, as opposed to plotting. Mission accomplished! I do plan to post the beginning of a new story next week, but updates will be a little erratic for a while, since the honey and the baby and I are traveling at the beginning of July. Wish us luck managing on a plane!

What else is up...I've got grad school beginning at the end of July, which is intimidating but should be fun. It'll be a big drain on my already-intensely-managed time, but I'll figure it all out. I've got a few books coming out in the next few months, and you can find them...*dum dum DUUUUH* on my website!

Yeah, really! It's updated and only has a few broken links, swear to God. I'm still in the process of fixing it but it doesn't completely suck right now, so there's that. Find it here:


That's basically it right now. I'm coauthoring another Bad Behavior book with L.A. Witt, I'm running around after my 21-month-old, I'm prepping for this year's knife camp...busy times! I hope your spring/summer is going wonderfully.

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