Friday, June 26, 2015

Marriage Equality in the US!

As of today, the Supreme Court has affirmed the constitutional right of same sex couples to get married in all fifty states!

I'm so fucking proud to be an American right now. Colorado made same-sex marriage legal last October, but I honestly wasn't sure what the Supreme Court would have to say on the issue. And it was a contentious ruling, which undoubtedly precedes a continued tumult in our culture with a myriad of objections yet to come, but...guys. GUYS! This is amaaaazing! The legal benefits that our country bestows on married couples now applies to ALL, and I'm just so happy. Last weekend was Denver Pride, and this was certainly a topic of conversation there. And now...well, you know.

Have a completely awesome weekend, darlins'!


  1. This whole thing made me cry this evening, but in a totally good way. I spent a large chunk of last Saturday with an old and very dear friend of mine and his husband, and at one point he said something not a million miles away from the quote below by Dan Savage. And next weekend they're jointly giving away their daughter at her wedding. This is now, indeed.

    "Telling my parents in 1980 that I was gay didn't just mean telling them that I was sexually and romantically attracted to other boys. I was also telling them that I would never have children and that I would never marry. That was then. This is now."

  2. I proud to be an American today as well. I stepped out of the shower this morning to breaking news about the decision. It was very hard to pull myself away from the TV to go to work. And every time I thought about it today, I couldn't help but tear up. I've already heard some of the negativity and backlash that I'm sure will increase in the days and weeks to come. But I refuse to let that dampen the joy I feel that ALL of friends and family member - no matter which state they live in - will be able to marry who they love.