Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Release: Spring Blossom, Camellia #2

Hi guys!

Life is still crazy and coverage is still going, but here's a shout out to my and Caitlin Ricci's new F/F release Spring Blossom, the sequel to last year's Camellia. That book actually ended up winning two Rainbow Awards last year! It's contemporary F/F BDSM, mostly of a spanking-type nature, because don't we all need spanking every now and then? I know I do. It's available at Less Than Three Press here: Spring Blossom.

But what is it about, pray tell? Have a blurb!

Relationships, BDSM, and family are all complicated enough on their own—and almost impossible when they come crashing together unexpectedly. When Danny's brother sees a bruise that Danny obtained while in a scene with Lucy, she faces judgement from her family and their reactions send her running to Lucy for a safe place to clear her head.

But staying with her girlfriend isn't the solution to the problem, and if she's going to untangle the mess that her life has become, Danny first has to start with taking control of herself.

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