Thursday, December 5, 2013

Two Very Different Movies, Both Fun

Okay, so let's start with my guilty pleasure, which is anything with Jason Statham in it.

I know.  I know!  They're formulaic, they're all action and shooting and gratuitous explosions, accented with fast cars, beautiful women, cliche parent-child relationships and bro-to-bro macho lovefests.  Regardless, I love Jason Statham, I think he's ridiculously sexy and a very good martial artist, and so last week when I went to see Homefront I wasn't disappointed because I knew exactly what to expect, spiced up with some James Franco.  Yay James!  Plus Winona Ryder not even being recognizable at first, whoa.

Then there was The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Which, okay, I haven't read the books because I am a YA philistine at the moment, but it was amazing.  The actors were fantastic, the story was entertaining and watching it helped me resolve some issues in one of my own upcoming books by taking a page from the "less explosions, more emotions" style of storytelling.  Which isn't to say this movie doesn't have excellent action scenes, because it does.  They're just vastly overshadowed by the wonderful character development and emotional nuance.

All of you are FABULOUS!!!


  1. My husband really wanted to see Homefront last weekend but I talked him into Delivery Man instead. Delivery Man was great, actually, but I should've gone with Statham. *sigh*

    I haven't seen any of The Hunger Games movies or read the books. I guess that makes me lame but I am still resistant to literary fads like that. My attempt at reading Twilight burned me badly on fad fiction. Eck. Bad books somehow sell millions of copies. It makes no sense.

    Ah, well! The Hobbit opens next week so I always have that... :-)

    1. Homefront was just what I wanted. Delivery Man, interested me, but I had to go another way. Last weekend we saw Frozen, which was pretty damn good; it had some really catchy songs. And of course, next weekend is dedicated to Smaug!

  2. Lol fun fact I went and saw the first Twilight movie on a group date and the highlight of the night was the when the movie ended all 3 guys were like "wtf since when do vampires sparkle" I had read the book but didn't remember it much wasn't good. The hunger games however is a really good series and worth a try I got about 15 people to read the books and they all loved them. It is nothing like Twilight. Actually I feel the only thing that really makes it a YA is the ages of the characters. So I really hope you give it a shot :)

    1. Hi Pixie!

      Ah, Twilight...I tried to read the first book, because it was one of the only English-language books within 25 miles, but I just couldn't do it. I had the same reaction as the guys to the sparkly vampires.

      I am going to read Hunger Games, though. You say it's good, the movies are great, that's plenty of recommendation for me:)