Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Winnaaahhhh!!! + flash fiction

The Colorado MM Authors Group blog hop turned out to be a lot of fun!  Thanks to those who followed along, commented and shared their own stories with us.  The overall winner of the $50 gift card will be announced here on Christmas Eve:

Or, y'know, on the post after that.  Meanwhile, I'm not so cruel as to make you all wait, so the winner of my own personal post's giveaway is...ShirleyAnn!  I've got your email, hon, I'll contact you.  $10 Amazon gift card or a vignette for the story of your choice.

Man, short post.  Let me make it a little longer.  In the Goodreads M/M Romance Group, one of the little literary games that gets played is all about writing flash fiction based off of a photo prompt.  You get 100 words with which to make your mark.  I've just recently joined in and some of the writers there are absolutely amazing, but I did like my last little sliver of story, so I'm going to share it and the photo that inspired it below.  Click the link to read more lovely flash fiction:

I only make it down the first step before his grip on me shifts away from my elbow. He leans in against my shoulder, his hand tugging roughly at his hair. He puts a good face on it, but I know he’s anxious.

This is the twenty-first day since he lost his sight, and the first time we’ve been alone in our own house since then. 

“I just…I need a second.”

“No problem, the hot tub can wait,” I say lightly.

“I’m sorry.”

There is so much wrong with him saying that to me. “Don’t be,” I manage. “It’s fine.”


  1. Wow, that short could go so many places! I read a few bloghops and weekly flash-fiction groups, but 100 words would def be hard! Impressive!

    1. Merry Christmas Eve, Scottie!

      100 words is hard. Sooo hard, 'cause then I just want to read more. *must beat back brain*