Friday, August 10, 2012

Paradise Post #2

Notes: Dirty post!  Oh, this is a dirty post, folks.  Don’t read if you don’t like things explicit.  A little plot with a lot of porn thrown in for good measure.  Finally, yeah?  Yay for smut!  I’m so happy to give it to you.  More soon.  We’re leaving Pandora after this next post, darlins.

Title: Paradise

Part Two: An Evening In


                Pandora City’s hospital was probably the nicest building in the entire colony.  Of course, it was the building that got the most use, and so setting it up to be a comfortable, efficient place was a reasonable expectation, but it wasn’t just nice there: it was posh.  There were private suites for families decorated with beautiful but resilient furniture, a playground for children, a small theater that played a new holo every day and took requests when there wasn’t a waiting line, and a dedicated health worker for every new case that came in.  Even simple, routine visits like updating Cody’s vaccinations warranted the red-carpet treatment.

                Dr. Reynaud checked the sleeping boy’s temperature and smiled over at Jonah.  “Still a slight fever, but it’s gone down a degree in the last hour.  I think he’ll be back to his normal self by morning.”

                “Hyper and noisy?” Jonah joked, but honestly that was how he preferred his kid, not this quiet, listless version that whimpered with discomfort as he dozed.  Jonah stroked his fingers carefully through Cody’s damp curls, a gesture that soothed both of them.

                “Just like a little boy should be,” Dr. Reynaud agreed.  “I’ve talked with the chief medical officer on the governor’s staff on Paradise, by the way, and made sure he’ll have all the necessary technology and medications on hand that Cody might need.  I’m still sending doubles of some pills with you though, just in case.”

                Jonah looked up at her with surprise.  Before he could ask, though, she said, “Dr. Caractacus asked me to make sure everything was in place before you left, just in case something needed to be ordered on their side.”

                “Thorough of him,” Jonah commented, thinking that it was something he should have remembered to take care of himself.  Then again, one of the benefits of having a partner—a fiancé, his subconscious teased him, fiancé, fiancé, whispering it like it was something secret and special and rare—was that he didn’t have to take care of everything by himself.  Garrett was good at planning, and Jonah was more than happy to cede over a lot of the details of their trip, mostly concerning himself with getting Cody ready and squaring things at work.  He tried not to think too hard about what they were getting ready for, or the people they were going to go see.  Garrett’s family.  The most important people in his life, behind Jonah and Cody, and part of a social circle that Jonah knew very little about.

                Not that he hadn’t talked with all of the major players more than once.  Jonah was comfortable with them over a com, but heading into their turf with nothing to recommend him except Garrett’s sometimes-baffling regard and his admittedly incredible kid was a little daunting.

                “Mr. Helms?”

                Jonah jerked his head up.  “I’m sorry?”

                “I said, I’ll be back in another two hours, all right?” Dr. Reynaud repeated.  “Cody should sleep through the night, and I recommend you get some rest yourself.  There’s a bed in the adjoining room there.”  She gestured towards a smoky glass door.  “You don’t want to be too tired to deal with him when he wakes up.”

                “Right.  Thanks.”

                Dr. Reynaud smiled one more time and turned toward the door.  Jonah was ready for silence to descend again, leaving him with his swirling thoughts, but instead he heard a soft exclamation.  He looked up and saw Dr. Reynaud almost run into Garrett in the hallway right outside the room.  “Garrett!  I didn’t think you’d be by this evening.”

                “I didn’t either, but happily I was wrong,” Garrett said, his voice low and rich, none of its expressiveness lost despite being quiet for Cody’s sake.  “How are you, Rickie?”

                Didn’t it just figure that he knew the staff well enough to call them by their first names when Jonah was still struggling to remember all of the pilots on the colony’s roster.  “Fine,” Dr. Reynaud—Rickie—grinned.  “Cody’s sleeping better now, he should be a hundred percent by tomorrow morning.”

                “That’s great.”  A few more polite words and Garrett was in the suite, and silently closed the door behind himself.  He came over and Jonah stood up to meet him, pulling him into a tight hug.

                “I thought you were gonna pack tonight,” he murmured into Garrett’s hair, savoring the warmth of his strong arms across Jonah’s too-cool skin. 

                “I got bored.  Thought I’d come and see my guys instead.”  Jonah ignored the frisson of contentment that sent down his spine and let Garrett pull away to look at Cody.  “He’s a little flushed.”

                “Still has a bit of a fever,” Jonah admitted.  “It’s gone way down, though.  He’s restin’ better too, not so tossy and turny now.”

                “Good.”  Garrett laid the back of one of his hands against Cody’s soft cheek, his eyes a little cloudy as he looked at him.  “Is it weird that I just want to crawl into bed and hold onto him for a while?”

                “Nah, I fight that all the time,” Jonah chuckled.  “He used to have nightmares, wanted to sleep in my bed.  Those went away around his fifth birthday, and I swear I went into withdrawal when he stopped comin’ in.”

                “Whipped,” Garrett nodded sagely.  “Whipped is a good descriptor for this sad state of affairs.”  He turned and wrapped his arms around Jonah again, this time twining them around his neck.  Garrett was a little shorter than Jonah, just enough for him to make it look naturally sexy and not just coy when he gazed up through his long dark lashes, like he was now.  “I guess I’ll just have to crawl into bed with you, then.”

                “We’re in a hospital,” Jonah protested before he could stop his stupid mouth.  Fortunately Garrett wasn’t put off.

                “We’re in a private suite,” Garrett replied, slowly pushing them back towards the glass door.  “With two bedrooms, note.  And unless Cody is planning on waking up, which I doubt as long as we can be quiet, we’re not going to be disturbed for several hours.”  He smiled, and there was nothing coy or scheming about it, just happy desire.  “And I missed you, and I want you now, and you’re going to let me have my way because you love me.”  He twisted the handle on the door and ushered them through effortlessly.

                “You make a good case for it,” Jonah said a little breathlessly, his hands starting to wander across his lover’s—fiance’s—lower back, skimming down his hips and across his ass.  Garrett arched into the touch even as he shut the door behind them.

                The room was dark, with no windows and a low, slowly oscillating white light travelling up and down the walls.  The colors were meant to be calming, but all they did for Jonah was make him more and more desperate as they cast Garrett’s face into shadow, accentuating the sharp lines of his cheekbones and chin, the sultry twist of his mouth and his pale eyes, somehow bright in the darkness, almost as though they were backlit.  His sleek blond hair was styled back and away from his face, and Jonah gave into his impulse to mess it up and slid one hand up Garrett’s spine, across the smooth skin of his neck and into the soft, feathery strands.  He got a grip and pulled Garrett’s head back, just enough to expose his throat, then bent and scraped his teeth across the point of Garrett’s jaw the way Jonah knew he liked, the way that always made him shudder.

                “You haven’t even gotten to my closing argument,” Garrett gasped, grabbing Jonah’s free hand and sliding it down his back.  He slipped their fingers beneath the waist of his pants and down the silky skin of his ass, then nudged Jonah’s hand towards his crease.  A moment’s exploration found the surprising slickness, and Jonah felt his arousal go from simmering to nearly boiling over in a second.

                “You got yourself ready for me?” he asked, his voice so grainy he barely recognized it, but Garrett seemed to like it, if the sudden hitch in his breathing was anything to go by.

                “I didn’t want to waste time if there wasn’t much of it,” he said, coiling one leg around Jonah’s thigh.

                “And this is what you want, baby?”  Jonah circled his finger around Garrett’s hole, covering the tip with moisture before he pushed inside.  Garrett groaned.  “Shh,” Jonah chided him, pressing his finger deeper into that slick heat, almost dizzy with how turned on he was.  “Can’t be loud, don’t want to wake our boy.”

                “I won’t,” Garrett gasped, getting onto the tiptoes of his foot in an effort to make it easier for Jonah’s fingers to penetrate him.  “I just—I want you, I don’t want to wait.”

                “What if I want you to wait?” Jonah asked, turning them so that Garrett’s back was towards the bed.  He removed his finger and pulled his hand away, then cut off Garrett’s complaint by picking him completely up and letting both of them fall onto the mattress.  They bounced once before the pressure controls caught on and leveled off their momentum, and Jonah used the newly-firm surface to grind down against Garrett, torturing his needy arousal through three layers of clothing.  Just because his lover didn’t feel the need to wear underwear didn’t mean Jonah was about to go commando.

                “What if,” Jonah growled, biting at Garrett’s collarbone even as he opened the front of his shirt, “I want to take my time with you?  What if I want to suck your cock until you’re begging for mercy, what if I wanted to open you up by rimming you instead of you cheatin’ at home with your fingers?  What if I want to make you suffer for me, darlin’?”  He licked a line up Garrett’s neck, then mouthed hotly at his earlobe, loving how it made Garrett whine.

                “Then I’d have to remind you,” Garrett managed around his breathy exhalations, “that we’re on a timetable and that we’re not exactly alone here, and sometimes speed is a necess—a nec—fuck it, it’s an evil but so are you, so just fuck me already, damn it!”

                “Quiet,” Jonah said as he pulled back just far enough to get Garrett’s slacks down and off his long, golden legs.  He shed his own clothes with a minimum of interference, just far enough out of Garrett’s reach to make him pouty but not grabby, then leaned back in and slid his hands under the backs of Garrett’s knees, bending him in half.  Garrett went gracefully, way too hot to look ridiculous in that position like almost every other person alive would, and Jonah’s heart gave an unexpected lurch as he looked down at his fiancé, brilliant and beautiful and giving everything he had to Jonah, to Cody, to the idea of them being a family.

It made Jonah want to be tender, but Garrett was writhing against his hands, needy and demanding without saying a word, and he clearly didn’t want tender.  Jonah dipped two fingers into Garrett’s body, closed his eyes as they went in easily, helped by lube and Garrett’s personal preparations, then put Garrett’s calves over his shoulders, lined up and slowly pressed his dick inside the hot, tight ass that belonged to him.

The hiss that slowly left Garrett’s mouth was music to Jonah’s ears.  They had a lot of toys; Garrett liked variety in the bedroom and Jonah was learning to like it himself, but sometimes there was nothing like a simple, straightforward and completely relentless fuck, and that was what Jonah gave him.  The first stroke was the slowest; he picked up speed immediately, keeping it long and deep while exercising complete control of Garrett’s hips, leaving him unable to do anything but lay there and take it.  He couldn’t even make the noises that Jonah knew he wanted to, and Jonah treasured the wanton frustration on Garrett’s face even as he got closer to the edge himself.

He let go with one hand and reached for Garrett’s cock, but Garrett shook his head.  “After,” he panted and Jonah nodded tightly, then grabbed his hip again and hammered into him, eyes closed and head arching back as he lost himself in Garrett, pounding his tight, clinging hole faster and harder until one last thrust tipped him over the edge, and he slammed in balls deep and came with a near silent groan.

Garrett held him in place with his heels against Jonah’s back, quivering quietly while Jonah came down from his orgasm, until finally Jonah felt like he could move without getting dizzy.  He pulled out slowly, absorbed Garrett’s sigh with a kiss, then shifted positions until his face was level with Garrett’s cock, flushed bright and hard.  Jonah laid his lips reverently over the head even as he brought his hands up between Garrett’s legs and slowly pressed three long fingers into his warm, sticky hole. 

“Yesss,” Garrett whispered, his voice wrecked even though he’d barely made a sound so far.  He rocked his hips desperately, sliding between Jonah’s mouth and his hand.  Jonah took his as deep as he could, loving the taste of Garrett, loving his scent and the soft, squelching sounds his fingers made as they fucked his loosened body.  Garrett’s hands pressed down on his head, his lungs heaved like he was running a race and Jonah decided, finally, to have mercy.  He curled his fingers so that they hit Garrett’s prostate and rubbed, gentle for a few thrusts, then hard.  Garrett clenched around his fingers, thrust his cock as far down Jonah’s throat as it would go and stopped breathing, coming in absolute silence, all tremulous tension and exhausted restraint.

Jonah hummed and swallowed, relaxed his hand and slowly pulled his fingers out, one at a time.  He wiped his fingers off and pulled himself up the bed to lie next to Garrett, kissing his shoulder and chest and marveling, like he did almost every time, at the fact that they were actually doing this.  Not just fucking, but loving, having a relationship, getting married.  Garrett was his fiance, he was going to tie himself to Jonah and Cody legally as well as emotionally.  It was kind of overwhelming.

“You’ll be happy to know,” Garrett said after a few minutes of quiet worship, “that my ship has really excellent soundproofing.  Really, truly fantastic.  Each room is like an island unto itself.”

“That’s good news, darlin’,” Jonah murmured, smiling against his lover’s sweaty skin.

“I thought so.  Otherwise I might have an aneurysm trying to keep quiet one night, and that would be tragic.”

“A terrible waste,” Jonah agreed.  He pulled back and sprawled out beside Garrett, grateful now for the cool temperature in the suite.  “To show my appreciation, I’ll let you take the first shower.”

“We could shower together,” Garrett suggested hopefully.  “Cleanliness oriented activities only, I swear.”

“Can’t trust you,” Jonah shook his head mock-regretfully.  “You’ve got odd ideas of what constitutes an activity.  One of us should be with Cody, just in case.”

“Oh, fine.”  Garrett heaved himself up with a sigh, grabbed his clothes off the floor and stalked off to the attached bathroom, giving Jonah an excellent view of his bare ass and thighs, shining with cum and lube.  It was hot enough that Jonah felt himself stir, despite his recent orgasm, and he mentally smacked himself for insisting on being responsible.  He rolled to his feet, walked to the door and cracked it open, just to check.  Cody was still on his side, eyes closed, completely still except for his quiet breathing.  The room was otherwise empty.

Maybe there was time for a friendly shower after all.


  1. OMG Cari, my morning couldn't get much better than to wake up to Jonah and Garrett. Thanks for posting.

    1. I'm always glad when I make a morning better:)

  2. I think I need a cold shower now... That was great :-)