Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Holiday!

Happy Memorial Day, Americans! For those of you who have it off, you are all lucky bastards. For those of you who don't, I feel you, baby. I'm giving you the mental fist bump of solidarity right now. *bump*

So, release week is over, for both Changing Worlds and Reclaimed. For all of you who followed my visits and posts, entered the contests and bought the books to read, I truly, truly appreciate you. Writing is what I want to do with my life, it's what I spend my free time on and where so many of my aspirations lie, and the people who support me are, in a word, awesome. You mean a lot to me.

If you feel moved to do it, I would love a rating or review. I don't really care where, but one place you can find my stuff is on Goodreads here: Cari Z. I'm on Twitter too if you like soundbytes. I don't say much, but that may change as my Luddite status slowly fades:!/author_cariz.

Okay, that's done! What's coming up next...well, my free story for Goodreads Love is Always Write event should be out this Wednesday. It's called In All Your Ways and has demons and angels and hell and resurrection and redemption and gore! And sex! But not at the same time. Anyway, it's fun, and I'll post a link here when it comes out. Also, Storm Moon Press is giving this story a real cover and making it downloadable in PDF form, so I'll add a link for that too if you like things pretty. Which, don't we all?

I've sent in stories to several different anthologies and hope to hear back soon. More info if they pan out. I've got 2 parts left to Cinders, I think (maybe 3, but I hope just 2) and want to get them to you asap. I'm sweating bullets writing out query letters for my mainstream novel, and I've decided I can't synopsize for shit. Um. Think that's pretty much it. My weeks of nonstop mania are over now that my folks are back in Germany and my sister is safely graduated from med school and off to her residency, so perhaps things can finally relax.

Until I turn 30 next month, at least. At that point I fully intend to lose my mind for a while. Should be fun!


  1. Oooooh! A mainstream novel? I don't think you've mentioned this before...Do tell!! You can practice your synopsizing on me :-)

    Hope your weekend was nice, even though you had to work on the actual holiday :-(

  2. God, the novel...I think the novel is good, its getting it to the agent that's taking so much freaking time. I may practice more than synopsizing on you. I have queries to tackle. oy.