Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post of 2010

Last post of 2010.  Gosh.  Maybe I shouldn't make it promo, huh?  No, no, there will be tomorrow, and I can talk about the wonder that will be the new year then.  But this last year was pretty awesome...well, okay.  A recap.

My husband and I spent almost all of 2010 in our little town in our little country in West Africa, where we're aid workers.  Work was brisk and we learned a lot about healthcare and business in this part of the world, and also a lot about how to live in a rural community in a foreign country.  Thankfully my husband is brilliant and has built a lot of things that make our lives easier, and we usually have electricity, so I can stay in touch with family and friends.  That was the RL stuff, up until this trip to Germany. 

As for my fictional life, I published more than I thought I would, and started working with some new publishers that I really love.  I also got pushed into starting this blog, which has been a lot more fun that I thought it would.  The next year looks like it'll be an active one, both with my writing and with my fiction, and we're approaching our close of service date as well, which means we have to start thinking about jobs and moving and other frightening RL-type things.

To everyone who reads my blog, huge thanks.  I really appreciate you.  I hope you continue to enjoy the work I produce and wish you a very, very Happy New Year. 

Now.  To go blow things up. 

Fireworks!  I mean fireworks.

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