Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

So, do you come from a family that lets you open a present on Christmas Eve?  Isn't that a fun and exciting thing to do?  Not that I'd know, we don't work that way, but nevertheless I think it a fine tradition and am posting the next chapter of Pandora in that spirit.  Merry Christmas to those of you who do things that way, Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope your week is as lovely as mine promises to be. 

The best presents are the ones that make us feel good, by the way, so don't be afraid to let me know if you like the newest post.  I love hearing from you.  Special good wishes for Tiffany and Jana:)


  1. Merry Christmas, Cari! I am from one of those families that exchange gifts on Christmas Eve so I was thrilled to read the latest installment of Pandora today. I am excited to find out what adventures are awaiting Garrett on the next step of his journey. And of course sweet Isidore is always welcome!

    I hope you have been enjoying your German holiday! As for me, it looks like we will be getting a white Christmas in Tennessee this year after all(for the first time since 1992)! Its gotten everyone in the holiday spirit for sure! The snow will be moving in tonight and by the morning we are supposed to have 2-3 inches. I see sledding in my future! Hopefully, there will be no broken bones or twisted ankles as a result.

  2. A white Christmas. Wow, lucky girl! It's snowing as we speak here, so I'm hoping we can go sledding as well. I'm very glad you liked the next part. Merry Christmas!

    And there may be a spin-off for Isidore in the future, my outlook on him is evolving. Yay for evolution!

  3. Dear Cari,
    I hope you enjoyed your christmas. As a German our christmas is mostly on Christmas Eve but the last gift was opened at 2 o'clock in the morning so that is technically on christmas day. But giving and reciving Gift from 10 o'clock in the evening to 2 o'clock in the night makes a really relaxed christmas day. I love it!
    I am in the south of Germany too and I love the snow all around. I mean in the north part they also have snow this winter but nobody is prepared so that should be awful. Enjoy your stay and by the way: Brilliant part! I simply adore Garrett and hope you find somebody wonderfull for him!
    Merry christmas!

  4. Thanks, Jana. I hope to get another part posted before I leave the convenience of things here. And your way of Christmas does sound wonderfully relaxed. We're of the "get up early and torture ourselves making a big breakfast before opening presents" type family. Builds character, I guess.
    I love Germany, I'm greatly enjoying my stay, and thanks for commenting:)