Sunday, August 2, 2015

Posts for this next week...

Busy! Why? Gah.

I've got Redstone coming, a teaser for my second DRiTC story which I should be finishing this week, and I've also got a new Spanish translation of In All Your Ways coming soon. I've got the files, I just need to find the time to POST THEM (caps for my benefit, not yours, I'm all about motivation via self-recrimination). This week, I swear.

In other news, my folks have gone back to Germany, my MIL is settling down in Cambodia, and we are now without guests for the first time in...over a month. Holy shit. No wonder everything feels crazy; I have to relearn normal. Having people here was fun but super stressful, and I didn't get as much as I should have done. I will remedy that issue asap.

Hope your weekend has been lovely!

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  1. Hi, Cari:
    Come on! You are very stong, sure you can all
    Thanks for all :)