Monday, April 20, 2015

My Website Is Updated. No, Really!

No, honest to God, I swear it's updated! Most of it, anyway. A few pages aren't, but the big ones, the home page and the works page and all the links, those are.

For newcomers (as in, people who started following me in the last three years) you'd best understand that I'm something of a Luddite. As a kid, I'd make my baby sister work the VCR for me. As an adult, I ignored the magnitude of what it would take to maintain a website and ended up losing all my setups when a computer went kablooie, and after that just...didn't go back.

The dark age is over! My man, sick and tired of my kvetching, helped me--for the last time, he tells me--update the website and figure out how to make it so I can do it too. And it's actually way easier now, thanks to web design tools that let me cut and paste instead of relying on my knowledge of asp and html. Which...yeah. No.

You can find me here:


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  1. Congrats, it looks great, Cari. Give that man of yours a hug, he did good!